Friday, March 7, 2008

Top Frame

Added the top frame. Verified that all four sides were the same length. Slid it down onto the Z studding to square up the bed. Tightened the bed bolts.

Raised the top frame to its proper height and locked it off. Noticed that one of the Z studding assemblies was missing a nut and washer. In the middle. Bugger. Wound the studding up as high as possible, slipped it out of the corner block, removed half the nuts, washers, etc. Threaded the parts back on, double-checking the parts as I put them on. Wound the studding back into place.

Measured the height of the Z drive pulley above the corner block. Adjusted the other four pulleys to the same height. Tightened up the nuts on the four Z studding assemblies, adding grease where it seemed appropriate.

This image also shows the improvised motor coupling. Seems to work reasonably well. Have to see how it does under load.

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