Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bed Time

Cut, drilled and installed the bed. The bed is 400mm square and 12mm thick. That translates to about 15.75" square and 1/2" thick. I bought a 24x48x1/2" sheet of MDF and cut it down to size.

The holes are 5.4mm and 7mm. Meh, call it 7/32" and 1/2". While drilling the holes, I put a piece of scrap under the sheet and drilled through both. Makes for cleaner exit holes. Here's a pic of the exit holes in the bed (green) and the scrap (red).

Here's the bed installed with all 12 bolts (loosely) in place. There weren't any bed clamps in the parts kit, so I'm assuming they aren't needed.

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