Saturday, October 20, 2007

X Stepper

Finished the UCB. Used the stepper test board to verify the stepper driver was working. Only 2 LEDs came on and the L298N got hot. Finally figured out that the stepper test board was the problem. Two of the pins were shorted. Fixed that. All 4 LEDs on. Slowed the stepper speed and could see the LEDs sequencing.

Stepper motors arrived yesterday. Just in time. Modded one for X axis. Plugged it in. Didn't budge. Realized I forgot to set the X axis power to 100%. Fixed that. Motor started turning. Played with the speed and direction a bit, then shut down and finished the board as a Stepper Motor Controller Board. Re-tested. Works just fine.

Did notice that Mouser sent me 5 small heatsinks and 2 large instead of the other way around. Looks like the shopping list generator swapped the part numbers.

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