Monday, October 8, 2007


Used the RepRap BOM generator to get a shopping list.

Note: It specified 16 toothed belts instead of 16 feet. Also specified 4 packs of springs instead of 4 springs.

Used Newark for the stepper motors. On back-order. These seem to be in short supply. Wonder if there's another type that would be roughly equivalent.

Costs So Far
$26.85 - MicroController Pros
$97.10 - RRRF
$94.30 - Mouser
$182.16 - Newark
$97.26 - Small Parts Inc
$169.47 - McMaster-Carr

Total so far: $667.14

(Raises eyebrow at "cost will be less than $400 US for the bought-in materials" quote on RepRap site.)

Still Need:
- split bearing
- extruder screw
- printed parts

Hoping RRRF starts selling this stuff. Really not looking forward to machining my own extruder screw.

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