Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tried following the instructions on this page to build a new extruder hex file. The zip file on here uses an old SourceForge hostname. Needed to update the hostname using this command:

svn switch --relocate

Updated to the latest version. Doesn't build. Figured out how to update to older versions. Browsed through the various versions here. Updated to version 588:

svn update devices -r 588

...under the assumption that 588 was equivalent to the hex file I'm currently using. Appears to build correctly. LED comes on, heater works, motor works, temperature works.

Updated to 626, the first with dual extruders. Doesn't build. Missing directories.

Tried 662. That one builds OK.

Burned the hex file (now called extruder_0_.hex). Works fine.

Note: Occasionally getting "missing separator" error on make. Replacing Makefile from the original zip seems to fix that. Files look identical. Probably a cr/lf problem.

Tried ver 926. Works except that temperature reads -51C at room temperature. Interesting.

Went back to 662.

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