Thursday, October 25, 2007

Extruder Board Test

Re-did the temperature measurements. Ended up using two cups of water: one at 6C, one at 70C. Had to be careful not to get both leads of the thermistor wet. Ambient temperature of the workbench now shows as 26C.

Wired up the gear motor using leads clipped off the stepper motors. Tested it using the Extruder Exerciser screen. Note: Hitting "Reverse" at full speed is bad.

Attached the nichrome wire using a couple clip leads. Wrapped one loop around the thermistor to see if I could measure the temperature change. Ran the Heat Profiler. Got a few timeout errors and false readings while retrieving temperature. The heater LED dims slightly when the PC polls for temperature.

Suspect the temperature measurement is interfering with the PWM. Could be because I'm using too high of a value for C3. Larger value -> longer measurement time -> stealing cycles from heater routine. Could also explain the I/O timeouts.

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