Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Mods

I've almost got the machine to the "set it and forget it" point. It's more like: set it, watch to make sure the first layer sticks properly and check once in a while to make sure it isn't completely messed up.

Here are some recent tweaks...

Floating bed, mounted on 3 springs and held down with bolts. Makes leveling a lot easier. Also takes some of the pain out of a head crash.

Z opto guide (the blob of polymorph). It's essentially an inverted V with the opto's gap at the apex. Keeps the Z opto flag from running into the opto posts.

Drilled a hole through the shaft couplers (both Y and Z) and inserted a pin.

Added a lubricator (oily rag) to the filament guide (bent paper clip).

Two-ply balsa raft (two sheets of balsa glued together cross-grain). Held down with carpet tape. I tried using antistatic foam but it works a little too well. It's extremely difficult to remove without ruining the foam.

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