Saturday, September 6, 2008


Filament wasn't feeding at a consistent rate. Eventually figured out that the drive coupling was slipping relative to its gear. Had to remove the gear assembly to tighten it (added a bit of superglue to keep it in place) and took the opportunity to add grease to the gear motor internals.

Also noticed an increasing about of drift on the X axis. Tracked that down to the X motor pulley working itself loose. That was a bit more difficult to fix. Didn't really want to disassemble the X motor bracket just to tighten the set screws. Managed to achieve the same result by rotating the pulley until the set screw lined up with the X axis, then slipping an allen wrench between the belts. Did this for both set screws.

Currently trying to print a "motor holder" onto an antistatic foam raft.

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