Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chain of Events

Yesterday, one of the Y belts slipped again. This caused the carriage to skew slightly...
...which caused the Y flag to miss the opto...
...which caused the carriage to crash and snap the Y flag.

I readjusted the Y axis yet again and replaced the Y flag.

Shortly after that (and possibly related) the thermistor failed. The printer was plotting at the time but, when the thermistor is an open circuit, the extruder PIC stops responding to the host. This resulted in the extruder sitting in one spot, churning out molten filament.

I replaced the thermistor, slapped on some JB Weld and let it sit overnight. The new thermistor had different characteristics (100k vs 10k), so I had to update Rz and Beta. Everything else stays the same.

Currently putting everything back together.


Apparently, on putting it back together, I swapped the pins on the extruder motor. Caused a bit of confusion for a while but no damage.

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Demented Chihuahua said...

It's always one thing after another on my machine too...when will it get easier!?