Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Found that my Y axis was slipping on one side. Tightened the Y belts, X belt and all of the pulleys. Realigned the Y axis. Adjusted the infill width from 1mm to .8mm.

Melted some ShapeLock and made a 3mm-thick raft, attached it to the print bed. Started a new build.

Got most of the way done and realized I was running out of filament. Did an "in-flight refueling" by patiently holding a new piece in place until the drive screw grabbed it.

Waited for it to finish printing (about 1 1/2 hours). Soaked in hot water and peeled off the raft.

Cleaned up the lumps and threads with a Dremel.

Here's the result. It may not be pretty but it holds water. Or, more to the point, it holds single malt. Cheers.

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Andy D. said...

Contrats Steve! :) I hope to follow in your footsteps pretty soon. This has been a week away for months now. :-D